Urban Fresh Burgers & Fries

23 Feb 23

Urban started in 2017 in Doncaster, and are now on five sites across Yorkshire and growing! Great food, great service and great standards – that’s what Urban is all about. 

Urban fresh burgers and fries have been using MagiKitch’n grills and Pitco fryer units since their first location in Doncaster; initially using manual filtering fryer models, but as time went on and success grew they were able to introduce self-filtering models, and have had no regrets about doing so!

With the opening of their second store, they introduced Desmon units into the mix, finding them to be an ideal addition to their kitchen line-up. According to Urban’s Managing Director, Mehmet, they are constantly trying to be innovative in everything they do, but they haven’t found alternative brands that come close in quality.

When asked why they chose these brands over others available, Mehmet said “our value of only working with the highest quality ingredients has carried through to the quality of equipment we use. We did our research on what was out there, and what brands the big food establishments across the world choose to use, because we knew we could count on their expertise to guide us. Middleby was the only supplier in the UK who could help us source certain pieces, like units only available in America.”

The MagiKitch’n, Pitco and Desmon units are “all really high-quality pieces of equipment. At Urban, cleanliness is a huge priority, so even though some of our pieces are now over 5 years old, they still work and look just as good as they did when we first got them. To us, that’s a strong indicator of the quality we’re using.”

Mehmet also added “we do really great smash burgers using fresh, top-quality beef, and the MagiKitch’n grills easily handle our kitchens’ high output. Our hand-cut fries are always cooked to a great standard, not just because of the quality ingredients we use, but also the high-performance fryer units we use. We don’t think we could’ve chosen better brands to work with to produce great quality food.”

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