The Coffee House

21 Apr 23

The Coffee House was established in 2011, opening its first store in Lymm, Cheshire. Now, 12 years later they are in preparations for their 13th store opening, and plans are in place for many more to come. In 2015 they introduced their stores to the TurboChef rapid cook ovens, and have been having great success with them ever since.

Chris Shelmerdine, one of the Coffee House founders has shared with us his experience of discovering, using and sharing his appreciation for the TurboChef range.

“We were looking for a faster and cleaner oven to heat our products. It was important to us to find a solution that cared about the quality of the product, and the consistency of the TurboChef Sota ensures we can confidently serve every customer.”

Business’ within the foodservice industry are ever-changing, but the TurboChef Sota is able to easily adapt as The Coffee House changes and expands, says Chris. “It doesn’t matter how busy we are, or if we want to experiment with new product ranges, we can rest knowing that we will more than likely be able to deliver the experience we desire.” Furthermore, “the pre-programmable menu means that rolling out menu changes is easy, and minimal training is required every time.”

Chris also explained that his love of the TurboChef Sota is not something that he keeps to himself. “We often recommend TurboChef to other café owners, and quite often we even give little demos ourselves to those we know who would be interested!”

The Coffee House have big plans for the future, and intend to include TurboChef in those plans. “We have 22 more units on order currently, as we see TurboChef as an integral part of our store roll out plan. The Coffee House offers its customers freshly produced quality foods and TurboChef ensures we prepare these products to the highest quality every time.”

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