Target Catering Equipment

26 May 22

Target Catering Equipment was established in 1988 by David Pedrette, their Managing Director. 

Target have been buying Middleby products for some time – the very first being an early Gas MagiKitch’n chargrill installed at Bistro Bachus in Gloucester in the 90’s. They were reintroduced to the Middleby portfolio by Phil Denness when he joined Middleby in 2014.

The eclectic specialist range of high-end products that Middleby supply are best suited to our market sector and have recognised us as a specialist supplier to our industry as Elite partners.

David told us that ‘our customers that use your products and ours are usually niche specialists looking for something to set them apart from others in the industry, unfortunately we are unable to disclose our customers as we have to respect their confidentiality but they range from Royalty to the humble Cafe.’

‘The TurboChef range of products probably has the greatest repeat business for Target particularly the ECO model and Fire pizza oven going into multiple sites.’

‘Our customer feedback is usually fantastic, not only about the quality of products, but the hospitality shown when visiting the Middleby Innovation Centre at Wigan for personalised demo days to experience the range of products available and dedicated chef training offered by Middleby UK. The Middleby team is exceptional to work with especially when things don’t go quite according to plan as they bend over backwards to help and put things right, it’s all about the aftercare not the initial purchase that customers remember.’

Target’s customer success depends on the reliability and consistency of the food produced using Middleby equipment, everything is tried and tested so customers can really be assured results will be exceptional. This has never been more apparent than when clients visit the showroom thinking they want one type of product but go away with an even better product from Middleby UK.

David also says, ‘Middleby impresses us with the diverse quality of products in their portfolio, there is a specialist product for everyone to elevate businesses to the next level and that is also true with great service from Sam Parker (our Business Development Manager) from Middleby that helps lift us as suppliers to the next level assuring great customer experiences and memories as part of the Middleby Elite team.’