The Pitco SSH55-SSTC/FD-FFF solstice supreme fryer is the ideal solution for a busy kitchen with high demand for fried food. The impressive oil capacity of up to 27 litres per tank ensures production will remain at a maximum, even at peak times, and the patented solstice supreme burner technology provides high efficiency and fast recovery times, and allows you to offer a wide and varied menu. The solid state thermostat features a melt cycle and a boil out mode for faster frying, and a DVI (drain valve interlock) safety system to prevent your oil from scorching, to ensure you are always providing the highest quality fried foods. The unit is easy to maintain and clean, thanks to the stainless steel exterior, self-cleaning burner and tube rack which catches crumbs and debris.
*Please note image shown is single vat model*


Width (mm)1191
Height (mm)1171
Depth (mm)875
GasNat or LPG available
Warranty1 year