Marco – POUR’D

MODEL: POUR'D Concentrate


Winner of Specialty Coffee Association “Best New Product” in 2022, POUR’D is a game changer in cold coffee service.

POUR’D can automate the dilution and dispense of any syrup or concentrate source with either hot, cold, or sparkling water.
The true innovation behind POUR’D is that it can allow sites to serve a range of beverage from a single source quickly, easily and consistently.

This means that POUR’D can deliver any combination of:
• Cold coffee (up to 3 sizes)
• Shot of coffee concentrate (for iced mochas, lattes, or frappes)
• Hot water (for tea, americano, hot chocolate) or cold water (for chilled drinks)


Dimensions - Font (mm)120(W) x 168(D) x 287(H)
Dimensions - Control Box (mm)140(W) x 359(D) x 175(H)
Power220V / 40W / 0.17A