Kamado Joe – Classic Joe II Standalone

MODEL: Classic Joe II Standalone


The Classic Joe II is the perfect choice for hassle-free grilling, smoking, searing and more. The grill consists of a heat-resistant shell, with thick, ceramic walls to lock in heat and moisture at any temperature, and to add a delicious, smoky flavour to any food. The unit’s mould and water resistant Kontrol Tower Top Vent allows you to maintain consistent temperatures through precision airflow control, while the Airlift hinge significantly reduces the dome weight, making it easier to open and close the grill. The innovative 2-tier divide & conquer cooking system adds flexibility, allowing you to cook different food in different styles, at different temperatures. The Classic Joe II standalone model comes without shelves and cart, enabling it to perfectly fit into bespoke kitchen units.


Width (mm)572
Height (mm)800
Depth (mm)762
Warranty1 year