Josper – HJA-PLUS-L175-HC



The HJA-PLUS-L175 is Josper’s large size a-class countertop charcoal oven that leaves no room for compromsie. With a grilling temperature of 250˚C to 350˚C and a fire up time of 40 minutes, it is capable of delivering exceptionally succulent meats, grilled vegetables, seafood and more, using one load of charcoal, for around 9 hours. The HJA includes improved efficiency features such as hydraulic door retention, thermal insulation, new upper tempering area and greater accessibility, to increase cooking quality and quantity, and to provide an optimum cooking experience. It also boasts an additional hot cabinet, to keep your food at the correct temperature until you are ready to serve. Moreover, with no need for a gas or electricity connection, the oven can be conveniently positioned just where you need it – even in open kitchens thanks to the modern stylish design.


Width (mm)TBC
Height (mm)TBC
Depth (mm)TBC
Warranty3 years