Imperial – CIFS-50



Utilising high efficiency cast iron tube fired burners to provide a large heat transfer area and fast recovery, the Imperial IFS-50 has the ability to meet every kitchen’s requirements. The unique baffle and deflectors inside the tubes diffuse heat to the tube wall, ensuring heat is spread evenly, and the snap acting thermostat provides temperatures of up to 204 ˚ C. The unit has two large nickel-plated wire mesh fry baskets and stainless steel frypot, front, sides, door, stub back & basket hanger which make for easy and simple cleaning. Food quality is also improved by the large cool zone, which captures food particles and keeps them from carbonising in the fry zone, reducing taste transfer.


Width (mm)394
Height (mm)1162
Depth (mm)775
GasNat or LPG available
Warranty1 year