Middleby unveils makeover of its UK culinary brand

22 Aug 23

Middleby UK have rebranded their culinary team in an effort to broaden their reach, stand out from the crowd and change the way commercial kitchen equipment is perceived.

Formerly known as Middleby1 Culinary, new culinary brand Innovate has set out to capture the attention of food enthusiasts across the UK, by placing less focus on the technical specifications on their portfolio of products, and more on the incredible results that can be achieved.

The Innovate team, assembled by Middleby UK’s Managing Director Chris Clark, is made up of UK Culinary Director Paul Hickman, Corporate Chef Andrés Gaminde and Development Chefs Darren Pickup and Rob Fairhurst. The team are excited to get stuck in and already have a wealth of ideas and plans in the works to set themselves apart from other culinary teams in the industry. These plans include hosting live events, live streaming sessions and a whole host of engaging culinary content, so whether you’re a seasoned chef or simply love to cook, Innovate is here to educate, inspire and help you to achieve your culinary dreams.

Chris said “I’m really excited about what is to come for Innovate by Middleby. We have an exceptional team of culinary experts who bounce off each other and inspire one another, and I truly believe that together they will create something incredible and something I haven’t seen before in our industry.”

Paul Hickman commented “Innovate by Middleby is great because we can now look forward and focus more on the food as well as the equipment. We all know that we’ve got a great portfolio of equipment, but now we’re looking more into the application. Our Middleby products can help to deliver a true culinary journey, and we are here to give some more exposure as to what’s possible with Middleby equipment.”