Middleby UK fires up multifunctional cooking portfolio

05 May 23

Firex has launched a new-generation multifunctional cooker that will be supplied into the UK market via Middleby UK.

The Italy-based brand is confident the Figaro will be a hit with UK dealers after receiving a positive response from previewing it at two shows last month.

The unit allows users to replace their braising pan, kettle, fryer and traditional cooker with just one unit.

Features include a new shower as standard for easier cleaning, automatic monitoring with temperature probes and a new-generation electronic board.

Mark Finney, UK brand partner for Firex, said: “Launching a new product is always exciting, but the reception that we’ve already had towards the Figaro has been outstanding.

“Having showcased the unit at two exhibitions in April has shown how much the unit was missing in the market, with exceptional feedback received.

“We have a unit available for live demonstrations and testing at the Middleby UK Innovation Kitchen based in Wigan should customers want to see it in action.”

The units are available in two sizes – 100 litres and 150 litres – with or without pressure.

“The Figaro is an incredible unit and I’m really looking forward to driving it forward even more,” added Mr Finney.

“Its new-generation electronic board and constant monitoring with its temperature probes make it a unit like no other in the Firex portfolio.”