Middleby UK 2022 Price List

03 Feb 22

The Middleby UK office is buzzing today, as we all share excitement about the brand new 2022 Price List!

We have always been proud of the products that we have to offer to our customers, and this year is no different. With solutions ranging from pizzas to burgers, frying to hot holding and batch cooking to beverages, we are absolutely certain that we can meet your kitchen’s needs.

The 2022 Price List showcases all of our fantastic products and provides you with all the information that you could need – we even provide you with products’ specification sheets via QR code!

If you’re looking to re-vamp your kitchen with some new equipment, make sure you download your copy of the 2022 Price List, you can find it here – https://middlebyuk.co.uk/price-list-download

If you would like more information about any of the products you have seen in our Price List, be sure to contact our sales team on 01925 821 280 or at sales@middlebyuk.co.uk and they will be happy to assist you.