Middleby Meets: Tony Bright

Our Group Commercial Director, Tony Bright, joined the Middleby UK team in February this year after being part of the Middleby Group since 2018. Let’s learn some more about Tony…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My childhood was spent on the canals and hills around Newport, South Wales until I moved from there to Warwickshire at the age of 18 and I currently live in Buckinghamshire  with my wife and two children. Despite having an eclectic musical taste covering all genres I have a (now not so secret) dirty secret love of country and western and somewhere there are some horrific pictures of me competing in figure skating competitions in my younger years. 

I’ve spent the last 25 years working my way right the way through the catering industry in one form or another from flipping burgers in McDonalds as my weekend job to leaving college to become a fabricator and assembler, sales person to project manager and small business owner to Commercial Director for Middleby Foodservice UK. The best part of 20 years of that time was spent in the kitchen ventilation side of the industry so although a change in direction for myself more recently; the market, customers and products are not completely new. 

I’m a firm believer that none of us is the finished article, that we are continually evolving. We make mistakes to learn, to make us better and stronger both individually and as a team. I believe that you are judged not by the size of hole you are in but how you get out. And most importantly – if you never get yourself in a hole now and again – you’re not trying hard enough. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at Middleby UK?

I know you have asked for one favourite but Middleby UK is supported by three strong pillars that make one enjoyable company to work at. The people, the product and the showroom. The breadth of knowledge amongst the team and eager to serve the client attitude, the quality of product along with our fantastic showroom with the culinary experience days make working here a truly positive experience. 

How long have you been at Middleby?

I’ve been with the corporation for just over 3 years. Originally I started with IMC in 2018 before working across the Lincat Group in September 2019 and finally working with Middleby and Lincat officially from February 2021. 

What’s your favourite product?

The Evo griddle would rank as my favourite unit – it combines a fantastic versatile cooking experience with my passion for ventilation related products. It’s ability to extract the air, clean and re-circulate back into the operating space without the need for large costly ventilation systems brings to the market the ability for operators to generate revenue from virtually any location. 

What do you get up to outside of work?

Outside of work I have a young family so weekends are usually taken up with swimming, walks in the woods and horse riding – when I get time to be selfish I’m a classic motorsport fan so can often be found breathing in Castrol R fumes at a local circuit or propping up the pit wall at Prescott Hill Climb. 

And finally, just for fun, what’s your favourite food?

Anything Mexican on the menu is a winner although any meat cooked by the culinary team off the Josper a very close second!

Thanks Tony, we’ve loved learning some more about you, your hobbies & passions!

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