Middleby make double appointment as part of European expansion

23 Sep 21

Middleby continue to strengthen their team with Paul Hickman being appointed as the Group Culinary Director for Middleby Worldwide – Europe, and Lana Yaffe as Marketing Manager for Middleby UK with a focus on Europe.

Middleby currently have a huge focus on Culinary & Marketing and advancing these areas of the business.

With the recent launch of the Middleby Innovation Kitchens in Dallas, Texas, and the newly renovated Culinary Centre in Wigan, Hickman’s responsibilities and focus will now lie with spearheading the team across Europe to create more opportunities and enter new markets from a culinary perspective.

Focusing on expanding and supporting customers within both the UK and Europe, Lana’s role will be key for driving the Middleby name and brand into the market.

Chris Jones, Group President for Middleby Worldwide – Europe says, “Paul has been a leader when it comes to the Culinary aspect of Middleby Group within the UK and I’m excited to see how he expands this across Europe with his new responsibilities. The 20 years he has had at Lincat demonstrates the vast wealth of knowledge Paul brings to the role. With our team of eight chefs, Paul will ensure that we capture the growth across Europe as well as his current duties in the UK market.”

Jones added, “It’s an extremely exciting time for Middleby as a business and Paul is a key player in securing our expansion into new markets. Marketing is key for us and it’s crucial to keep up the pace and passion within the department with Lana leading this from the UK. Lana’s drive and determination will take Middleby to the next level and she has been instrumental to our already amazing growth.”

Chris Clark, Sales & Marketing Director for Middleby UK says, “Marketing at Middleby UK has excelled since Lana joined in 2020, introducing a new look price list, increasing our presence across all social media platforms, and supporting across our networks has assisted in our strong growth in 2021. Expanding into Europe is an exciting opportunity, still working in the UK but adapting the same approach will be sure to drive Middleby Brands and increase exposure across Europe.”