Middleby creates innovation panel to explore industry landscape and friction points

13 Jul 22

Middleby Group is assembling a panel of experts that will meet in September to discuss ongoing industry issues and trends that are shaping the catering equipment market. 

Topics discussed will include how business owners can safeguard their companies from the unexpected, how to push brand loyalty, the next steps for ghost kitchens, the importance of customer feedback, advances in technology, as well as sustainability and chef demonstrations.

The panel will explore the foodservice landscape, friction points and convert trends into concepts that can make a difference in the industry.

Chris Jones, group president of Middleby Worldwide, who has handpicked the panel, said: “I want to immerse the panel with bespoke research and expert analysis to drive innovation to the forefront – When we merge our knowledge we can empower and enable.”

This event will take place at the Middleby Innovation Centre in Wigan and is set to be the first of many Innovation and development panel events that the company is planning.

The panel will consist of chefs, product developers, end-users and trend experts.