Josper Experience Day

06 Jul 22

This week saw MUK team up with the Josper culinary team, to host a Josper Experience Day for customers from across the UK.

The day proved to be a great success, with customers being given the opportunity to learn first-hand about both the Josper charcoal oven and basque grill, and discover what makes them unique in the market.

The Josper culinary team, alongside our very own culinary team, put on an incredible show, cooking a huge variety of food on both the grill and the oven, ranging from soup to salmon, Spanish omlette, burgers and steak, and even whipping up a special dessert dish!

We look forward to hosting more events like this throughout the year, to continue to show our customers how the Middleby portfolio of solutions can help them to make the most of their kitchens.

Josper Experience DaySteakGrilled Pineapple

Josper Charcoal OvenJosper Basque Grill