Frying Solutions at Middleby UK

03 May 22

Here at Middleby UK, we are very passionate about providing exceptional solutions to our customers, and when it comes to frying, we are confident that we have got the best solutions out there!

From traditional gas and electric fryers to ventless, automated and pressure fryers, the options are limitless – we even have excellent fried food holding solutions!


Pitco have long been a frontrunner for commercial fryers, and with such an extensive portfolio, it’s not difficult to understand why. Here are some of the impressive options from the Pitco offering:

  • Premium Value Fryers – High efficiency & premium production at a value price.
  • Solstice Series – Cook more product, more efficiently and provide an improved working environment. Gas and electric models available.
  • Megafry Series – Produces the same amount of product as three high efficiency 45lb fryers whilst using 38% less floor space.
  • Reduced Oil Volume Fryers – With automatic filtration and self-cleaning burners, experience up to 50% oil savings. Gas and electric models available.


With extraordinary frying speed, innovative designs and outstanding quality, the Imperial fryers are perfect for a wide range of products; fries, onion rings, chicken, and so much more. Built with strong stainless steel for durability, these fryers come with large nickel-plated fry baskets and a fine mesh crumb screen to catch larger particles for quicker clean-ups.

Imperial’s tube fired fryers have a large heat transfer area that rapidly heats oil to the desired temperature, and the unique baffle and deflectors inside the tubes diffuse heat to the tube wall, ensuring heat is spread evenly.

The open pot fryers have a flame that heats the ceramic plates located strategically outside the frypot. The fryer’s oil temperature rapidly responds, thanks to the snap acting thermostat, and the large cool zone helps to trap crumbs and other contaminants spoiling your oil, improving the overall uniformity of the product.



When only the best will do, there’s FriFri – a brand that has been consistently offering customers top quality cooking prowess for more than 70 years.

A flexible range of customisable electric fryers to suit almost every kitchen’s needs, FriFri offers options such as ‘Touch’ for automisation, ‘Precision’ for greater temperature control, ‘Super Easy’ for high quality and performance at a value price, and much more.

Oil management systems will ensure oil remains at optimum condition for longer, and optional automatic basket lifting systems will eliminate the need for constant supervision and reduce the risk of overcooking.


Perfect Fry


Ventless. Odourless. Countertop – The three key points that make the Perfect Fry so special.

This automated fryer minimises staffing requirements and preparation time, whilst maximising cooking capacity and efficiency, and the built-in filtration and fire suppression systems eliminate the need for costly hoods and fans, making it perfect for kitchens with even the most limited space.

Profitable, easy-to-use and easy-to-install, the Perfect Fry allows you to create a whole menu with just one piece of equipment.




The BKI extra-large, electric pressure fryer is designed for simple operation, long life, and high production volume. It boasts a built-in filtration system which keeps oil fresh and extends its usable life. This not only saves you considerable amounts of money on oil costs over the pressure fryer’s lifetime, but ensures food is consistently high quality.

The pressure fryer is easy to use, and delivers delicious fried food every time. As pressure builds up in the vat, moisture in the protein is trapped, leaving you with perfectly tender meat, whilst retaining a crispy exterior.


Carter Hoffmann


Minimise your fried food wastage with the Carter Hoffmann Crisp N Hold units. Vastly extend the hold times of your fried food and retain its crispness, without risking overcooking.

In a Crisp ‘N Hold, gentle air circulation over and through the food expels excess steam and vapours created during cooking. Food is brought quickly to the proper holding temperature, and remains crisp for up to 4 times longer than with standard heat lamps.


Where can I learn more?


If you would like more information about any of these brands/products, you can reach us on 01925 821 280 or at Or why not book a visit to our Innovation Kitchen where you can try these units out for yourself!

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