Fancy a brew? We’ve got the solution for you!

25 Jan 22

We’re talking all things coffee today at Middleby UK, so we simply have to address the ultimate one-touch espresso machine from Concordia – the Xpress Touch 0!

Remarkably fast and reliable, this automatic commercial espresso machine provides superb, café quality beverages at the simple touch of a button. With the ability to dispense a 12oz beverage in under 25 seconds, this machine is ideal for anyone with a busy, high demand beverage service, and the quality will be sure to keep your customers coming back for more!

Operation of this machine couldn’t be easier – the Xpress Touch 0 features an intuitive integrated touch-screen display which grants users access to a huge variety of drinks options, and the built-in coffee bean grinder and milk fridge provide impressive drinks customisation too. And when it’s time to clean, the Concordia has an innovative self-clean cycle which takes just 10 minutes, ensuring down times are minimised.

Whether you fancy a latte, cappuccino, mocha or just a simple but effective espresso, the Concordia Xpress Touch 0 will deliver. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself today – after all, the proof is in the cup!

See the Concordia XT0 in action here –

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