Development Chefs to Content Creators

27 Jul 22

Over the past few weeks, Middleby UK’s expert Culinary team have been working closely with the Marketing department to create content for Middleby Europe’s culinary TikTok. They have stepped out of their comfort zones, donned their Middleby jackets and put on their thinking caps (aka chef’s hats) and together, have come up with some creative and innovative ideas, from trending videos and sounds, to asmr videos and speed cooking.

So far, they have shown how to cook a smash burger on the MagiKitch’n chrome griddle, some crispy roast potatoes in the Lincat combi oven, pizza in the Bakers Pride, and even avocado on toast using the chrome griddle!

Since they started putting these videos together, Middleby Culinary’s TikTok following has more than doubled, and in the past month alone the channel have received over 130,000 video views. This is so exciting, as it means that our incredible team and fantastic equipment are gaining as much attention and exposure as possible.

They are looking forward to continuing to work closely together to expand our reach as wide as possible, and continue to grow our following.

Our TikTok page can be found at