Detroit Style Pizza Making Its Mark in the UK

01 Jul 22

We can never pass up an opportunity to talk about pizza here at Middleby UK, and we feel the need to share our excitement about the pizza style currently sweeping the UK; Detroit style pizza.

Detroit style pizza was first created 75 years ago, on the East side of Detroit, Michigan, at a restaurant called Buddy’s Rendezvous. Since then, this iconic pizza style has spread across the US, and is now finally making its mark in the UK.

Influenced by traditional Sicilian style pizza, the Detroit pizza is unique for a host of different reasons.

Firstly, this pizza style is square in shape, as opposed to the traditional circular pizza, and is known for being extra chewy and crunchy, thanks to the double proofed dough, creating a much airier crust.

Secondly, the pizza is built in reverse! We are used to the typical “sauce, cheese then toppings” but with Detroit style, the toppings are placed directly on top of the dough, enabling the flavours to be absorbed into the dough and create a much stronger taste. Then, instead of the usual mozzarella cheese, a tangy Wisconsin brick cheese is used, which when baked leaves a gooey and buttery cheese layer, with a crisp edge. On top of the cheese goes a thick, sweet tomato sauce with plenty of herbs, spices and garlic – this is usually placed in parallel lines which also creates a strikingly distinctive and authentic look.

Pizza shops offering Detroit style pizza are popping up across the UK at a much more rapid rate than ever before, and wherever it is that you are based, one thing is for sure, Detroit style pizza should definitely be placed on your list of foods to try!

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