Commercial Kitchen Assistance

25 May 22

Commercial Kitchen Assistance Ltd has been established since 2013, with Managing Director, Nicola Harris, at the forefront of the business.

The business has been buying the Middleby product portfolio since its inception and always lead with the Middleby products when designing or quoting a new project. Nicola, their MD, has been in the industry for 24 years and has been buying Middleby products for about 20 of those!

CKA supply the Middleby brands into regional chains such as Archie’s, who use products from the Pitco, MagiKitch’n and Carter Hoffmann ranges, in all of their sites throughout the UK. CKA have also successfully converted The Shakedown Group Ltd on to using the Middleby products too. They also now use products from the Pitco, MagiKitch’n and Carter Hoffmann ranges in their multiple sites, and love them.

CKA’s clients see success from and always provide positive feedback on Middleby UK products. The reasons for this are that the equipment is efficient, excellent value for money and is built to last. Their clients also find the oil filtration very beneficial to their business too, due to the cost saving on the amount of oil used. All round, using Middleby UK products helps to grow their business, and makes the running of their business much more efficient.

Nicola told Middleby UK that ‘all the feedback we get from clients using Middleby UK products is positive feedback. We can easily convert clients to Middleby UK brands from other brands, as they really do get what they pay for in terms of quality, efficiency, output and longevity. Our clients also love visiting the Innovation Kitchen, they are so impressed with the range of equipment available to see, test and try.’

‘All Middleby brands are well-known, reliable brands; market-leaders in many cases. We truly believe in the products available from Middleby UK, they are manufactured so well and really made to last. The people in the business also make it so easy to work with Middleby UK. If we ever do encounter any issues they are rectified promptly and if we ever need any information it is delivered to us without delay. Jack (our Business Development Manager) is also an absolute pleasure to work with!’

The Innovation Kitchen that Middleby UK have to offer is just one of the things about the business that Nicola says is most impressive. For CKA’s customers, having access to the Innovation Kitchen in Wigan has worked wonders for them. It always wows their customers and makes them happy as there is such a wide range of products available to demo across various sectors!