Chef Rob’s Top Tips

02 Sep 22

This week, we caught up with our Development Chef, Rob, and asked him to kindly share with us some more of his top tips for the kitchen.

Even if you are a seasoned chef, we are sure you will find these tips useful – some of them may even surprise you!

Cooking oils are not ‘one size fits all’
Different oils should be used depending on what you are cooking, as each one has a unique flavour profile; Peanut oil or canola oil is best suited for high temperature frying; Butter is best when stir-frying or sauteing; And fragrant oils such as sesame oil or extra-virgin olive oil are best as finishing oils or as salad dressings.

Always deglaze your pan
When you cook meat or vegetables in a hot pan, you will almost always get small bits that stick to the bottom of the pan. Deglazing it with wine, stock or even just water is an easy way to ensure those flavours aren’t lost, and to infuse them back into the finished product.

Finish off sauces with butter
If you want your sauces to taste really rich and flavourful, and to have a glossy sheen to them, add a small amount of cold butter right before you serve!

Liven up your food with some vinegar
If your food tastes a little bit dull or tasteless, don’t be afraid to add a splash of vinegar; the strong acidic taste actually adds more emphasis to the other flavours!

Always let meat rest
Never slice into a steak, chicken, or any other meat without letting it rest for a minimum of 3 minutes; this allows the juices to redistribute.

Thanks for sharing these great tips with us Rob, we can’t wait to put them to good use!

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