Chef Rob’s Top Three Tips

21 Jun 22

At Middleby UK, most of us love to cook, and we never pass up the opportunity to learn some tips and tricks for the kitchen!

Our Development Chef, Rob, has shared with us 3 of his helpful hints for when you are cooking – we are sure you’ll find them useful.

Add vinegar to your eggs

When poaching or boiling eggs, always add a splash of vinegar to help the process. When poaching, vinegar helps the eggs to coagulate nicely, and for boiling it makes the eggs much easier to peel.

Season from above to get the best coverage

Any time you are seasoning a product, ensure you are seasoning it from high up, to ensure you get the most even and widespread coverage. If you season too close to the food, the seasoning tends to stick to one part of the product, leaving the rest bland.

Set your timer for less than the required amount of time

You should always set your timer for around 5/10 minutes less than the required cooking time, that way you can check on the product you are cooking, and take it out early if it is finished. If you don’t check it until the recommended cooking time is up, you risk your food being overcooked.

Thanks for sharing these great tips with us Rob, we can’t wait to put them to good use!

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