Are you bready for this?

25 Feb 22

Did you know that you can bake delicious breads in many of our ovens? This week is Real Bread Week, so we think it’s the perfect time to tell you about what our different ovens can do with dough!


Perfect for high-volume bread making operations, without compromising on quality, are the Blodgett Convection Ovens & Deck Ovens.

Blodgett have a well-deserved, longstanding reputation for reliability, durability and performance, and their ovens are designed to offer an impressive output and consistently excellent quality with each use.


Ideal for both high production cooking and delicate baking operations are the Imperial Convection Ovens.

The oven’s turbo-flow system ensures even heating throughout the entire oven cavity, meaning baked goods have less shrinkage and moisture loss and have an overall better taste. The Imperial’s porcelainised interior will also deliver a perfect outer finish to your breads.


Specifically designed for commercial kitchens, the Beech Wood Fired Ovens are perfect for producing delicious, rustic style breads.

The Beech Ovens can be made completely bespoke to suit your needs, or match your kitchen/restaurant aesthetics – and you have to agree that they look incredible!

Bakers Pride

The Bakers Pride countertop Deck Ovens are exquisitely designed, and use cordierite or brick-lined decks to perfectly bake not only bread, but a wide range of other bakery products! Their compactness also makes them ideal for kitchens with minimal space.


The Josper Charcoal Ovens are always a showstopper in our innovation kitchen, and if you want to cook deliciously crispy, smoky flavoured flatbread it is the perfect oven for you!

The expertly crafted and aesthetically pleasing Josper charcoal oven’s unique design brings together tradition and innovation to add rich flavours and authentic taste to your food.


Designed for speed and performance, the Turbochef Double Batch Oven circulates impinged air at up to 50mph to perfectly bake your bread whilst also reducing cook times!

The double batch is also completely ventless, thanks to the built-in recirculating catalytic converter, meaning there is no need for costly overhead extraction.

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