Part of USA-based Middleby Corporation, Middleby UK distribute global catering equipment brands, such as Pitco, TurboChef, Josper, Bakers Pride and more through a network of UK distribution partners.

At Middleby UK, we pride ourselves on innovation, revolution & excellence.
With the largest live demonstration kitchen in the UK we love to showcase our incredible equipment to our customers with our talented in-house Culinary team.

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Our product range benefits national chains such as
Whitbread, Morrison’s, KFC, Papa John’s, Burger King, Five Guys and many more…

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Explore the brands we distribute across the UK

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World renowned for high quality commercial baking equipment.

Middleby UK are proud to be the sole distributor and supplier for Bakers Pride’s desirable deck ovens and world-class quality into the UK hospitality industry.

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Bakers Pride P44

Quality construction, durability and design elements set BKI commercial cooking equipment apart

Founded in 1954, BKI has the distinction of being an originator and introducing the commercial revolving oven to the foodservice industry. Over time we have expanded our product line well beyond revolving ovens with a complete offering of cooking, holding, and merchandising equipment.

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BKI Pressure Fryer

The global leading manufacturer of commercial ovens.

Restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations alike rely on the Blodgett name. Ovens have been in demand overseas since the late 1800s – long before global markets and international trade became the focus of our modern world.

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Blodgett - MKV

Professional ice machines to suit every need.

We design and manufacture machines according to the highest standards. So, we use the best materials and the most advanced technologies.

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Brema CB184A

The industry expert and leader in food holding equipment.

Since founding, we have been perfecting the holding environment and offer a wide variety of products for food holding, including modular holding cabinets, Crisp ‘N Hold stations for fried foods and hotLOGIX, a complete line of upright food holding cabinets.

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Carter Hoffmann PUC

Desmon is a leading company specialising in the production of professional refrigeration equipment. We carry more than 300 refrigerator and freezer models to match all our customer’s needs, including a complete range of innovative Blast Chillers and Walk-in panels.

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Desmon - PBM7

Used by leading foodservice chains across the globe.

Evo was founded by innovative food people with a passion for cooking and entertaining. As a cooking appliance manufacturer, it’s our love of connecting people around food that guides everything we do.

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Evo EVent

The production of quality foods in quantities. Share the taste.

Backed by previous experience in the sector, 20 years ago Firex was started to design and produce equipment for professional kitchens around the world. Versatile and innovative solutions for collective catering – Firex is perfect for CPUs, public sector kitchens, education kitchens, and anywhere that needs high volume capacity!

Versatility is one of their secret ingredients.

Firex produce a wide range of cookers and professional machines with which to carry out various types of cooking, from traditional to pressure, in a simple way, thanks to automated procedures that save time and resources. To meet all needs Firex develop each line in different capacities and with gas, electric or steam heating systems.

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Firex Cucimix

Key equipment for professional fast food preparation.

Where special solutions are required, FKI are committed to the development of equipment to suit the task.

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FKI Rototoaster

Outstanding innovation and design to provide solutions for any foodservice need.

Since 1948 Follett LLC has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice machines, ice and water dispensers, and ice and beverage dispensers for the global foodservice industry.

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FriFri offers versatility, power and precision, delivering consistently outstanding results.

With FriFri, you are not simply buying a fryer; you are investing in advanced frying technology, outstanding build quality and consistently crisp results – time and time again.

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FriFri Touch 633

Scandinavian roots, global mindset

HOUNÖ is built on a long tradition of proud craftmanship and premium materials where our Scandinavian roots are highly visible in our design and oven functionality.

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Hounö Invoq - 6 grid combi oven

Consistent, top quality equipment perfect for a busy commercial kitchen.

Since its inception in 1957, Imperial has remained a family-owned company whose mission is to be the preferred global supplier of high quality, top value cooking equipment to the foodservice industry.

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Imperial IFS75

Combining tradition and technology to create a true grill revolution.

Tradition and innovation come together in the design of this grill and oven in a single machine, plus a whole range of equipments to master to gastronomic grill.

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Josper HJX PRO S80 T

Take kamado style cooking to the next level with Kamado Joe grills.

Kamado Joe® isn’t just a line of products. It’s what happens when two guys who love to grill get serious about creating the world’s best ceramic cooker. Better quality. Smarter features. More innovative accessories. That’s the story of Kamado Joe®.

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Kamado Joe - Big Joe

Find the perfect application for your kitchen.

Lincat Ltd was founded in 1971 in Lincoln, UK. Since then, they have been supplying foodservice equipment across the globe, with the Lincat line of specialist, built-for-purpose products, including pizza ovens, induction hobs and toasters.

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The strongest link in your chain.

Chain-ready, chain-proven griddles and charbroilers. These pieces are often the backbone of kitchen operations and MagiKitch’n is the strongest link you can have in your chain.

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MagiKitch'n MKG

Global leaders in innovative and efficient beverage solutions.

Marco Beverage Systems designs and manufactures innovative and energy-efficient beverage dispense solutions. Our clients are some of the biggest names in the coffee, foodservice and catering industries, and our beverage solutions can be found in coffee shops, offices, hotels, convenience stores and restaurants all over the world. As industry leaders with over 40 years’ experience, we are driven by our passion for knowledge, innovation, and design.

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Marco MIX Boiler

Used globally by large pizza chains and independents alike.

For more than 130 years Middleby Marshall has been supplying top pizza chains and independent operators with conveyor cooking innovation.

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Middleby Marshall PS638

Experience, Innovation, Flexibility, Reliability, and Savings.

Nieco® has been designing and building our innovative automatic broilers in beautiful northern California since 1969, when the first automatic broiler was installed in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace.

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Nieco JF62-2G

Ventless. Odourless. Countertop.

Ventless & odourless, with a small foot print. Perfect Fry will fit into non-productive spaces and relocate in your space as your business changes.

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Perfect Fry

The industry leader in fryers and oil management.

For over 100 years Pitco has been producing quality long lasting frying solutions and is first to the market with the newest technology. Pitco manages to meet the needs of small businesses and large chains alike making them the most recognised fryer brand in the world.

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Pitco SG14S

The most reliable manufacturer of quality, heavy-duty cooking equipment.

Southbend, recognised as a global leader in heavy-duty, commercial cooking equipment – with perpetual new equipment innovations in the areas of energy savings, cooking speed, automation and safety.

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Southbend 171

Globally recognised for reliability and quality.

Hand built in Seattle, each machine is hand crafted to order to create exceptional espresso equipment. Staying on the cutting edge of research and development, Synesso work tirelessly to produce the most barista friendly, dependable, and responsive equipment on the market.

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Synesso S200 Black

Accelerated cooking solutions to suit every commercial kitchen.

Since 1991, TurboChef Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the world of rapid cooking. With innovation and top performance in mind, TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency by designing rapid-cook ovens that are versatile, user-friendly, and save energy.

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TurboChef Eco

Over 100 years of tradition for hand-built solid quality at the cutting edge.

Varimixer is more than 100 years of tradition for hand-built quality, based on the best materials, processed with precision and professional pride.

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Varimixer Teddy Red